Happy Funday! Many of us are or soon will be returning to pre-COVID routines, albeit on a limited basis. But it is a step towards re-starting our personal, community, state and national economy. And it could be a little disconcerting, even scary, to venture back out. It’s not an easy thing, and we’ve been through a lot the last couple of months. But I encourage you to move forward, cautiously, carefully, but forward. Be kind to one another and respect individual’s decisions about how to approach returning to daily routines. Be unoffended if some wear masks, some don’t, if some don’t hug or linger 6 ft away. Remember, we can’t control other’s actions, but we can control our reactions. Still, I encourage you to move forward, kindly and in the way you feel comfortable. Practice self care as we re-open our hearts, minds, and doors to one another. Blessings to you all.