People First!

Good Funday Morning! I hope you had a fabulous weekend, and if you’re a mom, a belated Happy Mother’s Day to you! I was honored to be in a zoom meeting focused on returning to work and how to have a better normal. Some take-aways: Ask coworkers how they are feelings (red-not so good, yellow – ok, but not great, or green – good to go!); be sure to address safety concerns – post signs about hand washing, distancing, masks if necessary, etc.; be sensitive to those who are still caregiving for children at home – try to have flexible schedules, continue work from home and so forth. The biggest take away was People First – assure staff they are supported and valued, use clear communication, and let them see you walk the talk. Lastly, consider this Platinum Rule (similar to the Golden rule) – Treat others how they need/want to be treated, especially as we return to work. Be blessed my friends.