Battle Plan for Depression

Good Funday Morning! I heard a most excellent devotional on overcoming depression yesterday. From a teenager! He’s a new Christian and already digging into the Word and sharing his testimony. Maybe, if like me you have/do struggle with depression, this will give some hope. Here’s his scriptural outline: Mt 11:28 Take your burdens to the Lord; Job 33:31 God says to listen to him, not the world; Php 4:8 Fix your thoughts on what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, & admirable; Col 3:2 Think about heaven, not earthly things; Josh 1:8-9 Study the Word & obey for success; Mt 7:7-8 Ask God for help & you will find it; Jn 10:26 This only works if we believe & are His sheep. Be blessed and a blessing!