His Greatest Gift

Good Funday Morning! Well, there’s just a few more days until we celebrate the birth of the Savior. Here’s a poem I wrote to honor Jesus! I hope you enjoy. Watch for new things from Compacity in 2021!


Heaven came down to bring new life, Meek and lowly to Joseph’s wife Prince of peace, king and Lord Bringing to man the holy word
Son of man still Son of God Chose upon the earth to trod
King of Kings and Lord of lords God incarnate who would be mourned Example and teacher for all to see Holy yet humble, fleshly as we
Man undeserving of such a gift His grace would cross the sinful rift
Chose to live, forgive, then die Chose to bring us home on high
Worship Him, God the son With Father, Spirit, three in one
Holy, holy lift the praise Sing of His amazing Grace
Today the savior in a manger lies Born that man no more may die.
Pam Anderson 2017