Nonprofit Executive Mentoring

It's hard when you are the top administrator. Everyone looks to you for guidance, advice, decisions. Let Compacity be your sounding board.

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Grants Assistance

From researching to submission, we can guide through it all.

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Customizable Trainings

Various relevant topics for staff/Board customized for your nonprofit.

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Good Funday Morning Friends! Are you struggling to reach a goal? Perhaps take a moment to see if it’s self doubt that’s holding you back. Self doubt, the lack of faith in ourselves, can drive us forward or keep us from reaching our full potential. It can be overcome by weighing the pros and cons,…


Stress!! Can I get an AMEN?!?! It’s everywhere, everyday. I could really relate to this picture the first time I saw it. My first thought was “they didn’t do it hard enough, the page is not torn.” That’s because the first time I saw it, I was under so much stress I became physically ill.…


Good Funday morning everyone! (see prior post if you missed the change from Monday to Funday). Today, we’re looking at Compassion – the sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. It’s the act of coming alongside someone in need to offer resources and support. Nonprofits are full of compassionate people…

Happy Funday!

So, how is your Monday going? Did you dread it on Sunday? Were you cranky this morning just because of what day it is? Why not try a change of attitude? Let’s start calling Monday Funday! Maybe pick up some donuts on the way to work for the office. Or set up a pot luck…

Grateful for what we have

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”-Theodore Roosevelt As a wife and parent for over 32 years, I’ve heard the phrase “what’s for dinner?” a lot. Followed shortly by my staring into the pantry or fridge, thinking “what IS for dinner?” And somehow, boiling this and broiling that, something edible comes…

Actively Listening

This is the concise definition of active listening. This is not a new ideal, it’s been around quite some time, but in this information overloaded world, it is becoming less frequently used. Active listening requires turning off TVs, cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. It means placing your focus on the one talking to HEAR what…


In Genesis 1:1-2:2, we are given the story of God’s creation. The short version is this: God created the universe and all that is in it in 6 days, and on the 7th day he RESTED! If the God who created you took time to REST, what makes you think you don’t need REST? He…

Creating Excitement at Work

To stay excited about your work, sometimes we have to create the excitement. We can’t sit back and wait for it to just happen ( Even if you can only manage a smile and a “Good morning,” I challenge you to start the day with that. Say it to everyone as you cross their path…


This week, I’m going to let Mark Murphy speak to the leaders. This article is mostly written to supervisors, but the content can apply to most situations where you have some leverage to improve conditions – at work, at home, in relationships, etc. It’s a short but insightful read. Enjoy! Fixing Employees’ Demotivators