Address Change

Happy Funday! I hope your weekend went well. I am pleased to announce we are officially in our new digs. Our new address is 215 Kickapoo St, Unit 1, Jacksonville. We hope to have everything updated very soon. In the meantime, if there is something Compacity can do for a nonprofit you care about, please…

Goodbye, Hello

Good Funday Morning! I hope your world is returning to a better normal. Mine has changed as well. This week I will say goodbye to my friends at HOPE, and hello to my new office at Jacksonville College. It’s a good change with no animosity. The COVID19 crisis has forced a lot of change across…

The Old becomes New

I’m running a little late with my post today. Business is picking up and that’s a good thing. Here’s a preview of Compacity’s new office on our FB page. We will officially be there starting June 29! Watch for an Open House event soon.

You is important!

Happy Funday!! I hope you are safe and healthy as the world enters a better normal. I’ve mentioned before I suffer from occasional anxiety. When “The Help” came out, there was a line that touched me, “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” it became a catch phrase between some of my other…

Growing Pains!

Good Funday Morning! Exciting things are happening at Compacity! Let us know how we can help nonprofits you care about. For those following this blog, I’ll get back to writing soon. But first, this commercial.