Be the One

Good Funday Morning!! One of my volunteer roles is as a Digital Outreach Volunteer for Focus on the Family. We respond to hurting people via online sites. I was recently viewing a thread that was for moms. It’s meant to be a safe place to vent, share, be encouraged. What I found was almost the opposite of the message in the attached pic. Mom had a 3 yr old bent on destruction. Just when she thought she had hidden things he tried to use, he came up with new ones. Several responded to her frustration with “you need to…” I don’t think they were using their “active reading” skills as she had desperately tried to allay his efforts. I tried to respond in a way that she knew she wasn’t alone, that she was a good mom, and it was going to take working with the 3yo to reduce the destructive habits. I tried to nurture, understand and encourage rather than jump on her for allowing such things. She was down enough, no need to keep kicking. Today’s challenge: when someone comes to you frustrated, please put on your active listening ears and truly listen, nurture, understand and encourage BEFORE offering any advice. It may be they are just needing someone to listen. Be there for them. Have a blessed week.